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Appliance Cleaning

Regularly used appliances start to build up dirt, limescale, grease and other waste, that over time impact the quality and longevity of your appliances. Tests have shown that regular cleaning of appliances can also be a way of preventing fires and appliances short-circuiting.

As part of our appliance cleaning, professional cleaners will deep clean your appliances and tackle whatever it takes to get the appliance clean.

Our clients include homeowners, tenants, landlords, restaurants and estate agents who are always happy with our work as they know Michelin Star Services always pay special attention to the hard to reach areas and perform a thorough job.

We employ professional, experienced and reliable cleaners and all our employees are fully background checked for safety and peace of mind to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Regular appliance cleaning reduces the risk of smoke and kitchen fires

Professional cleaning detergents used

Regular cleaning will prolong the life of the appliance

Frequent cleaning will lower the energy consumption which will reflect on the bills

Bespoke services according to your needs

Fully insured

Affordable rates


Keeping appliances clean is essential to maintaining the good working order and cheaper electricity bills. By maintaining appliances at their optimum condition, you are helping to reduce your carbon emissions.

Available on bank holidays and weekends

Flexible starting times and dates

Specialist cleaning equipment available


Suitable for domestic, restaurants and commercial premises

Bring appliances back to their optimum working condition

Descale kettles, sinks, dishwashers and other appliances

Restore your white goods and other appliances

Remove grease, dirt, limescale and stains

Deodorise and sanitise the appliance

Fully trained and insured staff


We are also able to get the property cleaned to a high standard of cleaning including kitchen appliances (ovens, dishwashers, fridge, freezers etc). Take a look at some of our other services.


Restaurant Owner

"The appliances in my restaurant are my lifeline. Without them working to optimum functionality I would not be able to deliver the high-quality food my customers expect."



"Hospitality is such a fast-paced industry and at the end of the day it is great we can hand over the cleaning to professionals rather than having to spend a few hours cleaning."